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International Conference "Antiquities of East Europe, South Asia and South Siberia in the context of connections and interactions within the Eurasian cultural space (new data and concepts)". Information about conference and programme



Dear Colleagues,


The conference “Antiquities of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Southern Siberia in the context of relations and interactions in the Eurasian cultural space (new data and concepts)”,
to be held on November 18–22, 2019, is being fast approaching.

The conference consists of two blocks. The first one is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Vadim M. Masson, the second — to the 80th anniversary of Vadim S. Bochkaryov.


The opening of the conference will take place on Monday, November 18, at the Hermitage Theater. The registration of participants on this day will be held in the State Hermitage Museum, in the lobby of the Hermitage Theater, from 10 to 10:30. The plenary session at the Hermitage Theater will begin at 10:30.


Starting with 14:00, four sections of the first block will begin to work which being held in parallel. Sessions of the first section will continue at the Oak Hall of the Institute for the History of Material Culture of the Russian Acamy of Sciences (IHMK RAS), the second section will be held at the Hermitage Theater, the third and fourth — at the Council Hall of the State Hermitage.


On Tuesday, November 19, sessions of the four sections will continue in the Oak Hall of the IHMK RAS (the first, second and fourth sections), as well as in the Lecture Hall no. 1 (the first, second and third sections) of the General Staff Building of the State Hermitage (by entering the main entrance of the General Staff Building — its location is indicated on the map attached to this letter). Please bear in mind that the conference participants can enter the General Staff Building only with the conference badge that will be given on Monday, November 18, during the registration. In this regard, those participants, who will not register on Monday, will be able to do so in the IHMK RAS, in the Department of Central Asia and the Caucasus (room no. 202) any day of the conference work, starting with 09:00.


On Wednesday, November 20, a final discussion of the conference first block will take place in the Oak Hall of the IHMK RAS, in which results of the first block of the conference will be summarized.


On November 20, at 14:00, the second block of the conference will begin to work at the Oak Hall of the IIMK RAS. After the end of the sessions of that day, at 18:00 in the St. Petersburg State University canteen no. 8 (at the address: Birzhevoy pereulok, 6), an unofficial part of the conference is planned, where anyone can congratulate in person the hero of the day — Vadim S. Bochkaryov.


On Thursday and Friday, November 21 and 22, the work of the second block of the conference will continue. The sections will be held in parallel at the Oak Hall of the IIMK RAS, the Lectures Halls 1 and 2, and the General Headquarters of the State Hermitage. A final discussion concerning results of the conference second block will be held on November 22, at 16:00 at the Oak Hall of the IHMK RAS.


All the conference participants may visit the halls of the State Hermitage Museum upon presentation of the conference badge. The halls are open from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Monday), you can check the schedule on the museum website. Besides that, upon presentation of the passport, all the conference participants may visit (free of charge) the halls of the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of the Russian Academy of Sciences during the museum working hours.


The IHMK RAS will be open for you daily (except for Saturday and Sunday), from 09:00 to 20:00.


You can make yourself the acquaintance of the conference preliminary program. If you see any errors / misprints there, or if your previous plans have changed, we ask you to inform us about them as soon as possible.


If you have any questions, you can always contact us by email. To solve urgent matters, you can contact the scientific secretary of the IHMK RAS, Evgeniya S. Tkach, at the phone number: +7-911-098-01-24.


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