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Information about the publisher


Institute for the History of Material Culture (hereafter IHMC) – one of the three leading archaeological institutions at the Russian Academy of Sciences (hereafter RAS) – unites scholars engaged in the study of ancient human past through material remains. The collective includes 1 corresponding member of RAS, 25 doctors of historical sciences and 46 candidates (Russian equivalent of Ph.D.) of historical sciences. The Institute's publishing activity has been performed on an ongoing basis since 1992. The Editorial Publishing group of IHMC includes editorial boards of two periodicals published by the Institute («Archaeological news» и «Transactions of IHMC RAS») and computer graphic designers.

The Editorial Publishing group accomplishes pre-press preparation of books and journals: scientific, literary and technical editing, proof correcting, translating of abstracts, keywords and figure captions into English, computer and manual processing of illustrations, as well as page make-up, layout, cover design, preparation of publisher's imprints and ISBN attribution. Statutory copies of each edition are passed to the Russian Chamber of Books. In some cases only a part of the editorial cycle is carried out in the Institute, where after the books (periodicals, collections of research papers, proceedings of scientific conferences run by the Institute and its divisions) are transferred to specialized publishing houses. This permits to optimize the editorial and publication process.

1) The yearbook «Archaeological news» (ISSN 1817-6976) is published since 1992, 24 issues have been printed by now. The main headings: «New discoveries and explorations», «Current problems of archaeology», «Reviews», «Organization of science », «East-West cooperation», «History of science», «Personalia».

2) «Transactions of IHMC RAS» (ISSN 2310-6557) are published since 2006, 19 issues have been printed, starting with 2014 the journal is published two times per year. The main headings: «Research papers», «From the history of science», «Chronicle», «Personalia».

All papers published in the two periodicals are accompanied by English abstracts and lists of keywords in Russian and English. The editorial boards solicit papers from both world famous scholars and young aspiring researchers.

The editions are disseminated by direct mailing and through the Electronic library (E-library). In addition, all articles can be freely downloaded as PDF files from the IHMC website (www.archeo.ru).

The editorial boards and reviewer's panels include leading experts in various fields of archaeology from IHMC RAS, State Hermitage, Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography RAS (Kunstkamera) and St. Petersburg University. The preparation of books and periodicals is financed entirely from extrabudgetary funds.

The main topics of the Institute's publications – information about the newest field discoveries, analytical studies in archaeology, ancient and medieval history, anthropology, application of scientific methods in archaeology, auxiliary sciences of history; book reviews; materials on the history of science; information about the Academic Board sessions and methodical seminars held at IHMC (including publication of the most important presentations), information about international and regional conferences run by the Institute.


Contact information:


Postal address: Russia, 191186, St. Petersburg, Dvortsovaya nab. 18, IHMC RAS, Editorial Publishing group.

E-mail: vesti@arheo.ru ; zapiski@arheo.ru

Head of Editorial Publishing group L. B. Kircho.


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