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Tumuli and Megaliths in Eurarasia

Когда 2020-05-26 09:00 по
2020-05-30 17:00
Где Proença-a-Nova, Portugal
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Pre- and Proto-Historic societies developed different ways to treat
their dead. One of the most distinctive was offering them to earth
using positive structures as artificial hills such as tumuli, mounds, and
kurgans, of circular shape, are the most common across Eurasia,
despite enclosing different rituals, suggesting strong structural and
ritual similarities despite the geographic and chronological distances.
In the International Congress Tumuli e Megaliths in Eurasia, we aim to
discuss the question: why did people so distant in space and time,
build the last address for their dead in such a similar shape?
We invite podium and poster presentation focusing from the western
megalithism to the central European and Asian Kurgan, and the
classic Mediterranian graves. We will give preference to
groundbreaking results, interdisciplinary and novel methodological
approaches, regional synthesis, and innovative ways of relating them
with other realities (enclosures, cromlechs, menhirs, stelae and rock
Biblioteca Municipal
R. Manuel Martins d'Évora​
6150-544 Proença-a-Nova​, Portugal

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